Found A Really Nice Home In North Dallas Texas

I was in the market to buy a home after several years of renting. I had a steady job that I just got a raise with and wanted to start looking around for something to buy. I contacted a friend of mine that was a real estate agent and asked the where the best starting point was when looking to purchase a home. They told me it’s best to get pre-approved for a home loan first so then I would know the price range to look for a home within.

After I got off the phone with my friend I headed to the bank and got pre-approved for the home loan. They told me the most I was approved for and I started looking at the homes for sale in North Dallas Texas that were within my price range.

I saved several homes that I wanted to look at in person. After I looked around, I called my friend that’s a real estate agent and let them know the listing numbers I wanted to look at. I let her know that I was pre-approved for the loan, I just wanted to see the homes to see if they were what I was looking to buy.

Once I saw several of these homes in person, I was easily able to determine which one I wanted to buy. I was so excited to be purchasing my first home and I loved everything about it. I couldn’t wait to get everything processed so I could move into it.

After about a month, I was able to move into my first home. I love living in North Dallas Texas. It has been exactly what I expected and I’m glad I took the chance and bought a home.